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File Troff document IS-ENES Final Report
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File Troff document IS-ENES2_D1.1_RP1_report_Submitted Version
First periodic report submitted to the European Commission in November 2014.
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File Troff document IS-ENES2_D11.6_Report on derived products in CLIMATE4IMPACT
The climate change impact communities‟ users and researchers need more than only climate model output variables. They often require specialized products, such as climate indices and indicators, as well as derived variables. Higher spatial and temporal resolutions are also generally needed. This report describes the scope of the derived products and how they are made accessible through the climate4impact operational service. The access to the products is supported through operational services in SA2.
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File IS-ENES2_D11.5_Report on Core Services Package, Version 2
The focus of the JRA3 Task 1 development work has been on making the ESGF system, which is maintained through an international collaboration, fit for purpose to support the infrastructure requirements in the next few years. In particular, to meet the challenges of publishing and distributing the CMIP6 archive of climate simulations. IS-ENES2 has made major contributions to the international efforts behind ESGF, and the system is now going through its final verification phase before being deployed for CMIP6 (publication of CMIP6 data is expected to start in 2018).
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File IS-ENES2_D11.4_Formal documentation for CMIP6
This document outlines the ES-DOC formal documentation of the experiments, models and simulations used to generate the CMIP6 datasets. It lists the key properties and features of documents, the evolution from CMIP5 including lessons learned, the underlying tools and workflows as well as what modelling groups should expect and how to engage with ES-DOC.
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File chemical/x-mdl-rdfile IS-ENES2_D11.3_Report on service monitoring and dashboard
This document is part of WP11/JRA3 "Developing software infrastructure for data archive services" and its purpose is to provide a detailed view of the Federated Archive System Monitoring (FASM) package which provides statistics about the usage and demographics not only for the European nodes but also for the global ESGF federation. With respect to the “Monitoring system and dashboard design” document (MILESTONE n° MS111), in this report a description of the implementation of the FASM-N and the FASM-D modules is provided. In particular, the former is responsible for collecting and storing a high volume of heterogeneous metrics while the latter provides the user with a dashboard including local (node-level) and global (federationlevel) views, aggregated statistics and monitoring information. A review of the design phase is presented, through the description of the architecture in the large and the design of the new data warehouse system. Moreover, the architecture in the small of FASM-N and FASMD is presented. For FASM-N, the implementation of the single node and the collector modules is reported whereas, for FASM-D, the main views are presented.
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File application/x-troff-ms IS-ENES2_D10.4_Report on the suite of base benchmarks and analysis of performance on available platforms
This report describes the final status of the ENES Benchmark Suite at the end of the IS-ENES2 project. The suite is assembled from applications of varying complexity ranging from computational and communication kernels to fully coupled Earth System Models (ESMs). The Redmine project management tool is employed to ensure the availability of up-to-date benchmarks and performance data. The HPC vendors’ feedback suggests that the prepared benchmarks are useful and necessary for efficient collaboration between climate modelling community and HPC system providers.
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File IS-ENES2_D9.6_Multi-model multi-member integrated simulation: computing performances of a demonstrator and other single high-resolution climate models
A set of scripts and configuration files necessary to launch an ARPEGE-NEMO/EC-Earth multi-model multi-member high-resolution (M4-HR) experiment are developed and the existing single model workflow adapted. The Autosubmit tool ensures a remote management of simulations performed on the BSC MareNostrum III supercomputer. The pre-existing single model launching scripts are easily parametrised to let Autosubmit cope with difficulties related to remote connection and multi-member simulation handling. The new developments include a final analysis that delivers computational metrics that helps to evaluate models and whole M4-HR experiment performances.
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File SIS package IS-ENES2_D9.5_CDO performance analysis
The computational performance of the CDO (Climate Data Operators) is investigated in the context of the M4HR (Multi-model multi-member high-resolution) demonstrator developed in JRA1. A detailed performance analysis focussed on the disk transfer rates (read and write operations) of the CDO and shows no indication of performance bottlenecks in the post-processing workflow.
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File IS-ENES2_D9.4_CDI-pio & XIOS I/O servers compatibility with HR climate models
I/O performance is likely a leading constraint to efficient operation of High Resolution Earth System Model (HR ESM) simulations. The I/O libraries CDI-pio (jointly developed by MPG and DKRZ) and XIOS (developed at IPSL) were implemented and tested with several components of the earth system models used in the present IS-ENES2 work-package 9. CDI-pio was evaluated with the atmospheric model ECHAM6 and XIOS with the atmospheric model ARPEGE-Climat and the ocean model NEMO. Both CDI-pio and XIOS2 I/O libraries prove their capacity to efficiently manage high resolution model output.
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