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File IS-ENES2_D2.7_Final version of ENES portal
This document describes the final version of the ENES portal. It summarizes function, objectives and main features of the ENES portal at end of IS-ENES2. The portal was developed in the frame of IS-ENES1 and refined and optimized during IS-ENES2 to improve its usability. The portal is used as a vehicle of information and as a platform to provide support services to the European Earth’s climate modelling community.
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File IS-ENES2_D3.1_Report on the technology tracking_Revised Version
The deliverable aims at summarizing the European and global activities addressing developments both in next generation models including exascale issues and in coupling technologies in order to bring that knowledge into the European climate community. Starting from the analysis of the main exascale issues in climate change research, it provides an overview of the new parallel approaches for the climate models. Moreover, it reports some details about the first attempts of co-design work to establish the interrelationship among physics, algorithms, system software and hardware. Some work towards the interoperability of coupling technologies is also reported. This report is based on the results presented at the ENES workshop on Exascale Techologies and Innovation in HPC for Climate Models, held in Hamburg on March,17-19, 2014.
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File IS-ENES2_D3.2_Crossing the Chasm: How to Develop Weather and Climate Codes for Next Generation Computers
Weather and climate models are complex software with many components, ranging from science to infrastructure. Preparing these for future computing is likely to be problematic, leading to the possibility that such models will arrive at a chasm separating scientific aspiration from ability to exploit new hardware. Shared (converged) code is part of the solution. This paper outlines (a) the problems anticipated as models deal with the increasing concurrency needed to exploit next generation hardware, (b) a range of projects aimed at addressing the difficulties anticipated, and (c) a set of criteria for libraries, codes, and institutional behaviours necessary for crossing the anticipated chasm. The main body of the paper appears in the format for the Geoscientific Model Development journal, since it will also be submitted there for publication in summer 2017.
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File IS-ENES2_D3.3_Report on common radiation code
We developed a software toolkit for computing radiative transfer in the atmosphere. It is an improvement over existing libraries for the same purpose, with increased portability, modularity and maintainability. The prototype version has been successfully adopted by different research groups, each with different technical constraints and scientific requirements, for which the previously available tools were inadequate. In addition, the CFMIP Observation Simulator Package (COSP) code has been improved and optimized, and a workshop allowed the emergence of a developers and users community.
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File IS-ENES2_D3.4_Report on NEMO and ICON models re-design
During the first three years of the project, some activities of WP3/NA2 have been focused on the analysis of NEMO and ICON models computational performance in order to identify the main limits to their scalability. Moreover, the technology tracking activity has allowed putting together the main European and global initiatives focusing on the models improvement at exascale as well as bringing this knowledge into the ENES community. These preliminary activities allow defining a strategy for the two models re-design, taking into account the technology trend. The present document aims at proposing the re-design strategy.
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File Troff document IS-ENES2_D4.1_Configuration management initial workshop report_Revised version
IS-ENES2 work-package 4 (WP4) provides networking activities to increase the pace of climate science by sharing best practice in software environments. Task 2 of this work- package focuses on Configuration Management Tools via two workshops and a supported community evaluation of the FCM tool in particular. This document provides the deliverable report from the first of these workshops and lays out the plan of action for the community evaluation of FCM.
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File Troff document IS-ENES2_D4.2_Workflow Solutions Initial Workshop Report
Workflow is a rapidly developing area within the climate modelling community as a result of the increased complexity due to seasonal and decadal predictions systems with initialisation and increasingly complex experiment design. The deliverable reports on results from the first workshop that shared the experiences of the community using a variety of tools to see if there is any scope for concerned of approach or sharing of best practice.
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File chemical/x-pdb IS-ENES2_D4.3_Coupler Governance model document
In this document, we present a proposal for a community governance model for the OASIS coupler based on previous discussions within IS-ENES, on a recent user survey, and on the author’s experience as an OASIS developer. The results of the survey are summarized and a lightweight community governance model, in line with the traditional bottom-up approach followed up to now for the coupler evolution, is proposed. This community governance model is based on a user committee ensuring right level of interaction between the coupler users and developers, and an external advisory board to which the developers regularly report and that provides advice to the developers with a special consideration of strategic needs
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File Troff document IS-ENES2_D4.4_Meta-data capture final workshop report
The deliverable aims at summarising and evaluating the European and global activities addressing developments in metadata capture of both catalogue metadata and adjacent metadata as model descriptions and user annotations. It starts from the analysis of the Initial workshop on meta-data generation during experiments (2014-01, Hamburg, see milestone MS4.2), summarises the results presented at the Final workshop on meta-data generation during Experiments (2016-09, Lisbon, see MS4.6) and draws recommendations from them.
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File IS-ENES2_D5.1_ENES Data Service Infrastructure requirements and recommendations
The data service infrastructure links together existing resources within and beyond Europe. This document reviews institutional, procedural and technical requirements.
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