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Presentations (Posters & slides)

S. Joussaume, Infrastructure Strategy for the European Earth System Modelling Community 2012-2022, May 2012
R. Swart, Outcome of IS-ENES Workshop on Bridging Climate Research data and the Needs of the Impact Community, November 2011
S. Joussaume, Climate Modelling in Europe, June 2011
S. Joussaume,The European infrastructure for Earth System Modelling: the IS-ENES project, May 2011
S. Joussaume, e-infrastructure to address frontiers in climate modelling: the IS-ENES initiative, May 2011
JC. André, On the HPC strategy for climate, April 2011
S. Joussaume, Climate scenarios with global climate models: dealing with uncertainties, March 2011
S. Joussaume, Presentation on IS-ENES, January 2011
C. Déandréis, Lessons learned from IS-ENES use cases - towards the implementation of an e-impact portal, January 2011
R. Swart & C. Pagé, Defining climate modeling user needs: which data are actually required to support impact analysis and adaptation policy development? December 2010
Poster - Weather Typing Statistical downscaling with dsclim: diagnostics, and uncertainties in data provision for the impact community, December 2010
W. Som de Cerff & M. Plieger, Enabling the use of climate model data in the Dutch climate effect community, May 2010
S. Kindermann, E-infrastructure components to support the earth system modeling community in Europe, May 2010
R. Ford & G. Riley, BFG: a Flexible Coupled Modelling tool, December 2009
Poster - Towards a service on climate models and climate projections, September 2009
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