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About the management structures and procedures of the project

The organisational structure of the Consortium will comprise the following Consortium bodies:


Management Scheme

  • The Coordinator is the legal entity acting as the intermediary between the Parties and the European Commission. The Coordinator will, in addition to its responsibilities as a Party, perform the tasks assigned to it as it is described in the Grant Agreement and the Consortium Agreement.
  • The Workpackage Leaders are in charge of the coordination of activities inside their Work Package and achieving the goals set in the work plan.

  • The Executive Board is the supervisory body for the execution of the Project which will report to and be accountable to the General Assembly.
  • The Scientific Advisory Board will advise the General Assembly and the Coordinator on scientific issues.
  • The General Assembly will be the ultimate decision-making body of the Consortium.
  • The European Project Manager will help the Coordinator in its coordination tasks.



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