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NA2/WP3 - The virtual ESM Resource Centre

Short descritption

NA2 will develop and deploy a virtual Earth System Modelling Resource Centre (v.E.R.C.). The v.E.R.C. will set up and deploy an e-infrastructure providing climate scientists with the needed virtual proximity to distributed data and distributed compute resources. It will provide information on and giving access to models, tools, data and computing resources, i.e. integrating most of the work done in the different workpackages. This e-infrastructure will take advantage of the ESM community own distributed service infrastructure and will leverage the external services offered within the European HPC ecosystem, e.g., today by DEISA2 and in the future by PRACE. Information and services offered through the v.E.R.C. portal will  not only be useful for ENES and the Earth System Modelling community but also for users of climate model results such as regional climate modelling groups or the climate change impact community.

See the full description in the DoW


The overarching goal of this WP is to provide information and guidance for active and potential users of earth system models and data through our portal, the virtual Earth System Modelling (ESM) Resource Centre. To support this the IS-ENES partners started to identify typical workflows and practices (and hence requirements) of ES-Modelers and ESM users (Task 2). A questionnaire to sample the workflows used in the community has been implemented in the portal. A few basic workflows are described and visualized with the workflow management tool Kepler.

IS-ENES partners also started discussions on how to best provide the technical high-performance computing (HPC) environment needed to support ESM experiments (Task 3). Interactions between IS-ENES members, DEISA and PrACE have been initiated to define the path towards a suitable HPC environment for leading edge earth system models.

See : IS-ENES-PRACE meeting held in December 2010 in Paris

Concerning the task 4 created a test bed to demonstrate how the workflow could benefit from grid type technology (Task 4).



Deliverables & Milestones


D3.1 - Report on v.E.R.C. Portal Setup and Status
D3.4 - Document describing basic ESM workflows and best practices

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IS-ENES3 has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 824084