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IS-ENES2_D10.3_Report on benchmark suite for evaluation of coupling strategies

This document describes the work done to develop a first version of a community coupling technology benchmark. Today, stand-alone components running on 4 different grids and coupled test-cases based on components running on the regular latitude-longitude grid and using either the OASIS3-MCT, OpenPALM, ESMF, MCT or YAC coupling technologies are publicly available. As a proof of concept, these coupled test cases were run in different configurations on three different platforms: Bullx at CINES in France, Cray XC40 at the UK MetOffice, and the Broadwell partition of Marconi at CINECA in Italy. The coupled components exchange coupling fields defined on grids of different sizes decomposed in parallel partitions with different aspect ratios and different orientations. The timings obtained for the coupling initialisation and coupling exchanges for the different tests are detailed, primarily to demonstrate the versatility of this benchmarking environment. However, these first results are not yet suitable to draw any firm conclusions on the relative performance of the coupling technologies used.

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