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IS-ENES2_D11.3_Report on service monitoring and dashboard

This document is part of WP11/JRA3 "Developing software infrastructure for data archive services" and its purpose is to provide a detailed view of the Federated Archive System Monitoring (FASM) package which provides statistics about the usage and demographics not only for the European nodes but also for the global ESGF federation. With respect to the “Monitoring system and dashboard design” document (MILESTONE n° MS111), in this report a description of the implementation of the FASM-N and the FASM-D modules is provided. In particular, the former is responsible for collecting and storing a high volume of heterogeneous metrics while the latter provides the user with a dashboard including local (node-level) and global (federationlevel) views, aggregated statistics and monitoring information. A review of the design phase is presented, through the description of the architecture in the large and the design of the new data warehouse system. Moreover, the architecture in the small of FASM-N and FASMD is presented. For FASM-N, the implementation of the single node and the collector modules is reported whereas, for FASM-D, the main views are presented.

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