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IS-ENES2_D9.3_Assessment report on Autosubmit, Cylc and ecFlow

D-9.3, “Assessment report on Autosubmit, Cylc and ecFlow”, is a deliverable due in month 36, ahead of the deliverable D-9.6 “Multi-model multi-member (M4) high resolution (HR) Earth System Model (ESM) ensemble performance analysis”. In the context of work package 9, IC3/BSC in collaboration with the Met Office, have set up three tools to design workflows and monitor experiments: Autosubmit, Cylc and ecFlow. The three scheduling and submission systems have been tested and evaluated with regard to the suitability for M4 HR experiments. GloSea5 operational seasonal forecast system and EC-Earth3 decadal hindcast have been prototyped with several workflow configurations in order to compare the differences and assess the suitability of the three tools for M4 HR experiments.

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