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IS-ENES2_MS10.3_Kernels extracted from ICON and NEMO

The document reports the instructions to run a representative NEMO kernel on HPC systems and related benchmark results on the CMCC iDataPlex system. The kernel has been extracted as mini-app and does not require the installation of additional libraries to be executed. The kernel code and an example of the script needed to run the mini-app, are available for download at the following link The ICON code has been constantly and considerably evolving during recent years. Especially a major re-factoring of the code structure has been ongoing (outside of the IS-ENES project) to considerably improve code quality and scalability. We therefore decided to first release the full ICON benchmark (Task 10.2b) which will be based on the re-factored version. Based on profiling of this benchmark - which can be considered as sufficiently representative for a production version of ICON - MPG and DKRZ will then decide on the options for extracting meaningful kernels and to define a light weight "mini app".

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