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IS-ENES2_MS11.3_Revised generic questionnaire s/w package available

The es-doc system needs tools to create, maintain, and view content. For CMIP5, content was mainly provided by utilizing the “CMIP5 questionnaire”, a python tool using Django and deployed at CEDA. The original objective in IS-ENES2 was to update and extend this tool to support a new version of the CIM, CIM2.0. However, after extensive discussion amongst the international es-doc partners, it was decided to establish at least three different routes for content creation in the CMIP6 era: (1) a new questionnaire, to be built from the ground up by NOAA, (2) a method based on using python scripts to directly inject content, and (3) a new tool which could run standalone on a desktop. This latter tool, now called “the notebook” was to be used for content creation during testing and development, and might play a role post and/or outside CMIP6. IS-ENES2 took on responsibility for methods (2) and (3). The second method, based on the “pyesdoc” framework, will be described elsewhere, but because the notebook became the route for CIM2 development, the software associated with the notebook has become the key milestone for IS-ENES2. This milestone briefly describes the relevant software package and it’s availability.

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