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WP4 - T2: Configuration Management Virtual Workshop

This page will link to the Configuration Management Best Practice Guide, coordinated by IS-ENES2 in association with colleagues around the world. It will also link to other papers provided to the virtual workshop.
Configuration Management Best Practice Guide. Draft 29
IS-ENES2 funded best practice guide for configuration management of climate models.
Evaluation of FCM in IPSL Earth System model
Evaluation of FCM in IPSL Earth System model
Partitioning the Unified Model code
The benefits and challenges of moving from a monolithic code base to a more modular code base for the Unified Model (Met Office)
Approaches to CMIP6 metadata at the Met Office Hadley Centre
Good metadata both benefits from and contributes to good configuration management of climate simulations. This paper describes some of the CMIP6 changes in more detail and how the Met Office is responding to these changes in its preparation for our involvement in this programme.
HadGEM3 Rose Suite Design and CM
A description of the work being done to improve couple model suite Design at the Met Office and its interaction with Configuration Management
XALT: Application Provenance, Tracking, and Problem Detection
An overview of the XALT tool that provides a census of libraries and applications, and automatically filters related user issues on a cluster and its implementation and utility on the New Zealand eScience Infrastructure.
Early experiences transitioning from Perforce to Git at ECMWF
Transitioning a large code-base from one source control system to another is often times technically simple. What might not be as simple is getting developers to successfully adapt to the new ways of working. Different systems manage source code, commits, branching and merging sometimes very differently. This is what has made this transition more complex.
AUTOSUBMIT and EC-EARTH Configuration Management
This paper describes Autosubmit a tool that provides features for managing the process of preparing, configuring and running a model, allowing also automating the postprocessing and transfer of the outputs. It also describes EasyBuild, which is a software build and installation framework that allows one to manage (scientific) software on High Performance Computing (HPC) system in an efficient way. Both have been used with OpenIFS and NEMO models and Autosubmit has been additionally used with NMMB/BSC-CTM.
Configuration management for CMIP6
The next round of the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (aka CMIP6) is larger and more complicated than has been the case before now. An important part of the CMIP definition is the so-called data request, or list of variables which are to be calculated and output by the models. Ensuring that the request is correctly understood and transmitted to the starting configuration for the model runs is crucial in the initialization step. We describe here Met Office Hadley Centre efforts to build an application to analyze and interrogate the request, and indicate how it can be used to answer questions about the variable requirements.
On the use of FCM for the ECMWF OpenIFS programme
The OpenIFS programme provides academic research institutions with an easy-to-use version of ECMWF's IFS model, a single column models and an off-line surface model. This article describes the implementation of FCM for these models and the user experience.
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