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ENES community meeting on Earth System Modelling Infrastructure Strategy

A meeting supported by IS-ENES2
Project Event
Oct 25, 2016 12:00 PM to Oct 27, 2016 12:00 PM (Europe/Vienna / UTC200)
Reading (UK)
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ENES is holding a community meeting in Reading (UK) on the 25th, 26th and 27th of October, supported by IS-ENES2 to discuss the future infrastructure strategy for Earth system modelling, preparing the mid-term update of the ENES infrastructure strategy 2012-2022.

The meeting follows the IS-ENES2 workshop: Crossing the Chasm: Towards common Software Infrastructure for Earth System Model development.

For more information visit the event website at NCAS


Day 1

S. Joussaume, Aims and Objectives; Context
B. Lawrence, The 2012 Foresight Strategy: Reprise
S. Joussaume, IS-ENES2
J. Biercamp, ESiWACE
M. Juckes, CLIPC

Science drivers
J. Marotzke, Perspective for ocean/climate futures
P. Doblas-Reyes, The future of seasonal prediction
PL. Vidale, The benefits of global high-resolution for climate simulation
C. Jones, When does a GCM become an ESM? The future of ESM modelling
R. Döescher, The future of regional climate modelling
C. Teichmann, Needs of Climate Services

Day 2

Science and society
R. Sutton, Uncertainty, Risk, and the Adaptation Grand Challenge
A. Brookshaw, Copernicus Climate Change Service
T. Palmer, A proposed European Programme for Extreme Computing and Climate

Hardwares, Network and Data

M. Lautenschlager, Data and Networks
X. Vigouroux, Computing Hardware
B. Lawrence, I/O issues arising from simulation and analysis

Software and Models

V. Balaji (remote), Steps toward a global cloud-resolving model for weather and climate applications
B. Brötz , Earth System Model Evaluation - Where are we and where to go?
M. Rezny, Report from Crossing the Chasm Workshop
R. Ford, Separating Science from Hardware
S. Valcke, Convergence of coupling and I/O software tools
M. Carter, Will exascale workflows work?


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