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Final Agenda, Joint IS-ENES2 Workshop on Workflows and Metadata Generation, Costa de Caparica / Lisbon

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Tue. September 27 2017 - Session 1 - Chairs: Chr. Kadow, F. Touissant

Welcome/ Logistics R. Budich (MPI), D. Spickermann (DKRZ)
Introduction and results from 1st workshop in 2014 K. Fieg (DKRZ), R. Budich (MPI)
Introduction to Metadata Generation F. Touissant (DKRZ)
Introduction to CIM B. Lawrence (NCAS)
Decorating code to expose algorithmic descriptions of the code to CIM S. Wilson (NCAS)
Overview of the archiving system at UIB/UNI A. Gupta (Uni Bergen)
ES-DOC: CIM 2 & CMIP6 M. Greenslade (IPSL)
Automatic documentation of CMIP6 simulations from ESGF datasets D. Hassell (NCAS)
Directly driving data and metadata generation thanks to XIOS M. - P. Moine (CERFACS)
Online metadata generation through CMORization P.-A. Bretonnière (BSC)
Performance Analysis of Chaco J. Durachta (GFDL)
Wed. September 28 2017 - Session 2 - Chairs: K. Fieg, R. Budich
The Hamburg Workflow L. Kornblüh (MPI)
Climate data dissemination using workflow systems J. Walton (MetO)
Climate workflow at IPSL : from CMIP5 to CMIP6 S. Denvil (IPSL)
A Hybrid Software Infrastructure for Standardized Data and Tool Solutions
on HPC within the CMIP6 context
C. Kadow (FU Berlin)
The CMIP6 ingest-to-publication pipeline at CEDA A. Stephans (STFC)
Improvements in the long-term archiving workflow for CMIP6 M. Stockhause (DKRZ)
Workflow for routine evaluation of CMIP6 models with the ESMValTool  B. Brötz (DLR)
Remote Workflow Enactment using Docker and the Generic Execution
Framework in EUDAT
A. Rajapakse (MPI-M)
Keynote: Convergence of computation and data workflows V. Balaji (GFDL)

Thu, September 29 2017 - Session 3 - Chairs: Balaji, M. Carter

Keynote: Asynchronicity L. Kornblüh (MPI)
Weather and climate models: preparing development workflows for
F. Lebeau (Allinea)
Software stack deployment for Earth System Modelling S. Kosukhin (MPI)
Keynote: Cylc - Recent developments & future plans H. Oliver (NIWA)
Scale and breadth of cylc usage at the Met Office D. Matthews (MetO)
Cylc from NCAS point of view G. Lister (NCAS)
ESIWACE Cylc development and support plan D. Matthews (MetO)
A progress report on the rewrite of the GFDL FMS workflow to use Cylc and
discrete tools vs. a monolithic job flow.
C. Wilson (NOAA)
Comparison of autosubmit / cylc / ecflow D. Manubens (BSC)
FreVast - combining modelling with diagnostics at university level I. Kirchner (FU Berlin)
General Discussion and wrap-up
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