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Crossing the Chasm: Towards common Software Infrastructure for Earth System Model development.

An IS-ENES2 workshop.
Oct 24, 2016 from 12:00 PM to 12:00 PM (Europe/Vienna / UTC200)
Reading (UK)
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IS-ENES2 is hosting a workshop in Reading (UK) on the 24th/25th of October (midday to midday) to discuss broad principles for aligning coding efforts “in the chasm” between hardware aware libraries (such as MPI) and the scientific libraries needed to build weather and climate models. The workshop aims to bring together those working on these future technologies and is intended to inform current and future developments so as to maximise community resources for the computing challenges ahead. The workshop will precede a larger workshop on the infrastructure (including software) needed for the next decade of climate science, being held at the same venue.


For more information visit the event website at NCAS



Day 1

M. Resny, Crossing the Chasm - Reprise
B. Lawrence, Meeting Objectives
R. Ford, A PSyclone perspective of the big picture
C. Osuna, Stella perspecive of the big picture

J. Behrens, ICON future perspectives with the focus on YAXT
C. Maynard, Meeting the challenge of exascale: On building DSLs for weather and climate
S. Mullerworth, Data Models within LFRic
W. Deconinck, Atlas, a library for Numerical Weather Prediction and Climate Modelling
W. Deconinck/Osprey, Escape: Weather and Climate Dwarves

Day 2

C. Osuna, Results from Stella, GCL, and GridTools
A. Porter, Optimising Codes with PSyclone
C. Maynard, Performance of LFRic with Autogenerated parallel code
S. Wilson, What does the algorithm layer look like?
P. Doblas-Reyes/Serradell, Multifaceted aspects of model performance

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