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JRA1 (WP9): Multi-model, multi-member high resolution Earth System Models


JRA1 will develop and run a set of coordinated multi-model, multi-member (M4) coupled climate simulations, at high resolution (HR). This will enhance the efficiency by which leading European HPC systems are used in climate research. Such developments will enhance European Earth System Modelling capabilities and, through support of high-resolution simulations, improve the quality of climate change information available to European decision-makers.

The JRA will identify and tackle leading issues reducing the efficiency of HR M4 simulations. With other developments in the JRA this will improve the efficiency of present-day ESMs on present and near-future HPC systems. We define HR as in the range 20-50 km for coupled ESMs. Emphasis will be placed on the development of a common set of protocols for running M4 HR ESM simulations on Tier 1/0 systems. A primary deliverable will be improved model performance and flexibility on a range of Tier 1/0 systems.


The JRA addresses the following tasks:

  • Analyse and enhance the computational efficiency of M4 HR simulations by mitigating bottlenecks such as parallel coupling and I/O operations.
  • Efficiently perform M4 HR simulations on a range of HPC platforms. Embarrassingly parallel ensemble simulations must be easily monitored to fully take advantage of PRACE Tier-0 computing capacities.
  • Efficiently diagnose analyses of M4 HR, to quantify IS-ENES2 development benefit and to identify further possible enhancements.


    These tasks are scientific prerequisites for the advanced usage of ESMs in an M4-HR framework. Coupled ESMs in the resolution range of about 20-50 km will be scientifically mature for climate change research during the next five years. This JRA addresses the leading technical hurdles to efficient running of such models in an M4 HR setting on this time horizon.

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