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NA5 (WP6): Innovating on climate modelling


This work package will foster innovation in climate modelling and its products dissemination. It addresses three types of innovation:


  • Facilitate innovation through collaboration with ICT companies

Climate modelling is a very important user of ICT technologies, especially of HPC and data intensive technologies. Improved collaboration with ICT companies will help the private sector to better target products adapted to climate modelling techniques and methods but also enable the academic community to benefit from innovative technologies and methods. More specifically, collaboration with manufacturers of HPC will help foster the culture of co-design, which promises to become more and more important in future computer architectures and systems. It will also improve the capacity of the industry to react to evolving needs of the climate modelling community and to target their products to the market of climate computing, including very large data storage needs. It will help IS-ENES2 partners to understand future developments in the industry.


  • Facilitate innovation through the transfer of climate knowledge to consultancies and corporates

In the years to come, the need to adapt to climate change will mandate an increased transfer of climate information to society. Many sectors are concerned, ranging from agriculture to the energy, water management and insurances sectors. Information on resources but also on infrastructures (buildings, roads ...) is concerned. Consultancies, mainly SMEs, are developing in this sector. They require access to model results for climate projections such as those delivered in SA2. They need to better understand rules for access which are restricted for commercial use; they will also need some guidance and training on how to use such results. On the other side, development of consultancies will create job and collaboration opportunities to young scientists in climate modelling. We propose to collaborate with the European Institute of Innovation and Technology “Climate KIC” (Knowledge and Innovation Community) which is interested in this topic.


  • Facilitate societal innovation

Climate change is an important issue for society and will even be more so with the need to adapt. Availability of reliable climate information for society is becoming an important challenge as has been emphasized by the Global Framework for Climate Services. Climate Services are emerging in Europe and will need climate projection data, such as provided by CMIP5 and CORDEX, to develop new products tailored to user needs. We propose to investigate the role of IS-ENES2 for climate services and investigate how to improve our own services to help the development of climate services in Europe and Africa. This activity will help the development of a European contribution to the International Climate Services Partnership recently launched.  We will also contribute to the development of an interface to the European Environment Agency (EEA) Adaptation Clearing House which aims at providing information to support public policies on climate change adaptation.

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