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SA2 (WP8): ENES Climate Data Services

Description of the infrastructure


The ENES Climate Data Infrastructure builds on the partnership between DKRZ and STFC in delivering the climate data services of the IPCC Data Distribution Centre (DDC). IS-ENES has catalysed the expansion of this partnership into a federation of model data providers delivering the European component of the CMIP5/IPCC-AR5 archive.


Within the globally federated CMIP5 archive, data is held at “ESG data nodes”, while data publication and discovery services are supplied by “ESG data portals”. European ESG CMIP5 data nodes are currently operated within Europe by: DKRZ, STFC, CNRS-IPSL, MF-CNRM, CMCC, UiB and ICHEC (Irish Centre for High-end Computing) for the EC-EARTH consortium. More data nodes are expected to be deployed in the near future especially for CORDEX data holdings. European ESG data portals are currently operated at BADC/STFC and WDCC/DKRZ with international responsibilities in the CMIP5 data federation which are to hold the CIM model and experiment repository and to deploy the entire quality assurance workflows including the DataCite scientific data publication with direct link to scientific literature.


The ENES Climate Data Infrastructure is planned as the climate research model data infrastructure for Europe starting with data from CMIP5 and continuing with data from CORDEX. It includes ESG data nodes and portals and is planned to increase as new data nodes integrate the CDI. The ENES CDI also includes the IPCC reference data archive as part of the IPCC DDC as well as access to previous model databases such as the FP6 ENSEMBLES project. It also includes the prototype of the ENES Portal for Climate Impact Communities (CLIMATE4IMPACTS) which will further develop in IS-ENES2 to ease access to model data for the climate impact research community. ENES participates in the FP7 project EUDAT with the ENES Climate Data Infrastructure as one of the community reference infrastructures for an interdisciplinary, European wide data management system.


Services currently offered by the infrastructure:

The ENES climate data infrastructure currently supports all fields of climate research by providing fast and easy access to quality controlled climate model data. Currently most of data are from global climate models. The IPCC DDC and the prototype impacts portal developed in IS-ENES1 provide services for the impacts community. CLIMATE4IMPACTS will be made operational in year 1 of the IS-ENES2 project.

• CMIP5 data infrastructure is in place with ESG data portals at WDCC/DKRZ and BADC/STFC and ESG data nodes at WDCC/DKRZ, BADC/STFC, CNRS-IPSL, MF-CNRM, the Norwegian Climate Centre, CMCC and ICHEC. CMIP5 data access is possible via standard ESGF portals and ENES portal

• ENES portal at WDCC/DKRZ provides flexible, direct access to CMIP5 and non-CMIP5 data nodes (e.g. CORDEX or Earth observations). Multi-model-multi-ensemble data downloads are enabled via the ENES portal and via scripting environment for support of the IPCC-AR5 scientific process

• IPCC data Distribution Centre at WDCC/DKRZ and BADC/STFC and the CMIP3 data archive at PCMDI as data archives for the IPCC-AR4

• Attarabi web-interface for managing the CMIP5 data quality control workflow including DataCite data publication is operated at WDCC/DKRZ with support from BADC/STFC

• Prototype of CLIMATE4IMPACTS is in place at KNMI

• CMIP5 help desk is available for data access support. Help is also provided to modelling groups to install new data nodes and maintain existing data nodes

• A prototype of system monitoring, which provides information on the status of the ENES Climate Data Infrastructure, is available

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