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 Title   Type 
D1.1_IS-ENES2_RP1_report_Submitted Version File
IS-ENES2_D2.2_2nd European School on Earth System and Climate Modelling_Submitted Version File
IS-ENES2_D3.1_Report on the technology tracking_Revised Version File
IS-ENES2_D4.1_Configuration management initial workshop report_Revised version File
IS-ENES2_D5.1_ENES Data Service Infrastructure requirements and recommendations File
IS-ENES2_D6.1_Report on access rights for CMIP5 and CORDEX for commercial use_Submited version File
IS-ENES2_D9.1_HR ESM Initial performance analysis_Submitted Version File
IS-ENES2_D10.1_Documentation on benchmarking framework_Submitted Version File
IS-ENES2_D11.1_ENES Data Activities: Delivery Plan File
IS-ENES2_D11.2_Report on Climate4impact portal, version 1_Submitted Version File
IS-ENES2_D4.2_Workflow Solutions Initial Workshop Report File
IS-ENES2_D4.3_Coupler Governance model document File
IS-ENES2_D10.2_Interim report on status of benchmark suite File
IS-ENES2_D2.3_White paper on ESM evaluation needs and infrastructure File
IS-ENES2_D5.3_Report on basic data access protocols and data quality control File
IS-ENES2_D5.2_Assessment of impact communities’ requirements File
IS-ENES2_D4.4_Meta-data capture final workshop report File
IS-ENES2_D3.4_Report on NEMO and ICON models re-design File
IS-ENES2_D6.3_Prototype master classes for SMEs and corporates File
IS-ENES2_D3.2_Crossing the Chasm: How to Develop Weather and Climate Codes for Next Generation Computers File
IS-ENES2_D2.6_Update of the ENES infrastructure strategy File
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