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M10.2 - CMIP Data Request Schema 2.0

The CMIP Data Request schema defines the database structure and for the CMIP Data Request. The aim of the upgrade to the data request schema is to provide continuity but also resolve some issues in the current schema. The Data Request 1.0 schema (currently updated to 1.00.31) was released in a bundle with supporting python libraries and embedded scientific content. A primary high-level objective of the 2.0 schema is to bring into effect a clean separation between the different components. A second high level objective will be to provide greater clarity in the interactions between the Data Request and other stakeholders. The stakeholder group includes the MIP co-chairs who are trying to translate their scientific requirements into the DR and the peer group of infrastructure providers who are developing related services which need to interact seamlessly with the DR and have consistent content. Finally, there is a need to make it easier for groups to review the content of the request. The inclusion of features which, when linked together, create complexity which forms a barrier to reviews of the content should be avoided.

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