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Apr 19, 2021 09:00 AM to Apr 30, 2021 06:00 PM (Europe/Vienna / UTC200)
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  • ITS2.18/CL3.2.16 - The Importance of Being Global – Globally coordinated Research Infrastructures to support the UN system

Fri, 30 Apr, 14:35–14:37 | EGU21-15251

From climate models to informing policy decisions: the end-to-end importance of an effective research infrastructure
Fanny Adloff, Bryan Lawrence, Sylvie Joussaume, Michael Lautenschlager, Janette Bessembinder, Joachim Biercamp, Antonio Cofiño, Alessandro D’Anca, Uwe Fladrich, Adrian Hines, Martin Juckes, Rémi Kazeroni, Philip Kershaw, Stephan Kindermann, Paola Nassisi, Christian Pagé, Kim Serradell, and Sophie Valcke


  • CL3.1.3 - Climate change in the North Atlantic in CMIP6 simulations

Thu, 29 Apr, 12:09–12:11 | EGU21-2513

Skip high-volume data transfer and access free computing resources for your CMIP6 multi-model analyses 

Maria Moreno de Castro, Marco Kulüke, Fabian Wachsmann, Regina Kwee-Hinzmann, Stephan Kindermann, Paola Nassisi, Guillaume Levavasseur, Sandro Fiore, Charlotte Pascoe, Martin Juckes, Sophie Morellon, and Sylvie Joussaume


  • ESSI1.6 - Spatio-temporal data science: advances in computational geosciences and innovative evaluation tools for weather and climate science

Mon, 26 Apr, 09:26–09:28 | EGU21-3476

Recent developments on the Earth System Model Evaluation Tool

Bouwe Andela, Fakhereh Alidoost, Lukas Brunner, Jaro Camphuijsen, Bas Crezee, Niels Drost, Bettina Gier, Birgit Hassler, Peter Kalverla, Axel Lauer, Saskia Loosveldt-Tomas, Ruth Lorenz, Valeriu Predoi, Mattia Righi, Manuel Schlund, Stef Smeets, Javier Vegas-Regidor, Jost Von Hardenberg, Katja Weigel, and Klaus Zimmermann

Mon, 26 Apr, 09:28–09:30 | EGU21-4805

Bringing ESMValTool to the Jupyter Lab

Peter C. Kalverla, Stef Smeets, Niels Drost, Bouwe Andela, Fakhereh Alidoost, and Jaro Camphuijsen

Mon, 26 Apr, 09:32–09:34 | EGU21-15681

Model evaluation expectations of European ESM communities: results from a survey 

Jerome Servonnat, Eric Guilyardi, Zofia Stott, Kim Serradell, Axel Lauer, Klaus Zimmerman, Fanny Adloff, Marie-Claire Greening, Remi Kazeroni, and Javier Vegas


  • OS4.4 - Numerical modelling of the ocean: new scientific advances in ocean models to foster exchanges within NEMO community and contribute to future developments
Mon, 26 Apr, 15:50–15:52 | EGU21-4762

New communication strategies in NEMO 

Italo Epicoco, Silvia Mocavero, Francesca Mele, Alessandro D'Anca, and Giovanni Aloisio


  • ESSI3.7 - Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) and Cloud-based Technologies to Facilitate Collaborative Science

Wed, 28 Apr, 14:01–14:03 | EGU21-3205

SWIRRL API for provenance-aware and reproducible workspaces. The EPOS and IS-ENES approach. 

Alessandro Spinuso, Friedrich Striewski, Ian van der Neut, Mats Veldhuizen, Tor Langeland, Christian Page, and Daniele Bailo

Wed, 28 Apr, 14:09–14:11 | EGU21-14517

Making Cyclone Tracking accessible to end users for Climate Research and Applications 

Christian Pagé, Maarten Plieger, Wim Som de Cerff, Alessandro Spinuso, Rosa Filgueira, Malcolm Atkinson, Chrysoula Themeli, Iraklis Klampanos, and Vangelis Karkaletsis

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