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IS-ENES3 Kick-off Meeting

Kickoff meeeting of the third phase of IS-ENES (2019-2022, 22 partners).
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Jan 09, 2019 01:00 PM to Jan 11, 2019 01:30 PM (Europe/Vienna / UTC100)
International Conference Centre Sorbonne UniversitéParis (France)
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Day 1

General Introduction

- IPSL/Climate Modelling Center Olivier Boucher

IS-ENES3 Overview Sylvie Joussaume

Challenges related with infrastructure Bryan Lawrence

Lessons from the WIP/Vision for the future V. Balaji

- ExtremeEarth Challenge Peter Bauer

Objective 1 : Integration and sustainability

- WP2/NA1 Bryan Lawrence & Martin Lautenschlager

- WP3/NA2 Eric Guilyardi, Janette Bessembinder

Objective 2: Models, tools and HPC

- WP4/NA3 Mick Carter, Mario Acosta

- WP6/VA1 Uwe Fladrich, Eric Maisonnave

- WP8/JRA1 Sophie Valcke, Italo Epicoco

General talks

- IMMERSE (NEMO) Julien Le Sommer

- ESIWACE2 Joachim Biercamp

Day 2

Objective 3: Exploitation of Earth system models

- WP5/NA4 Sébastien Denvil, Klaus Zimmermann

- WP7/VA2 Stephan Kindermann, Wim Som de Cerff

- WP9/JRA2 Veronika Eyring, Kim Serradell 

- WP10/JRA3 Sandro Fiore, Christian Pagé

General Talks

- ESGF in next 3 years Sébastien Denvil

- Copernicus & C41 portal Wim Som de Cerff, Christian Pagé 

- Involvement of ENES in ESOSC and other data projects Stephan Kindermann

- ESMVaTool: Legacy of ENES projects Björn Brötz

Breakout Groups

- BoG1 : Models, tools and HPC Mick Carter, Sophie Valcke, Mario Acosta

- BoG 2: Data and metadata Sébastien Denvil, Sandro Fiore, Stephan Kindermann

General Talks

- Virtual WP - Innovation Martin Juckes

- H2020 Financial and legal aspects Federico Esu

- IS-ENES3 Communication & Dissemination Sylvie Joussaume, Nada Caud

Day 3

Objective 1 : Integration & Communicaty engagement

- General discussion on Integration (NA2) Eric Guilyardi, Janette Bessembinder

General aspects

- Data Management Plan Bryan Lawrence, Francesca Guglielmo 

- Low Carbon Casimir de Lavergne

Breakout groups

- BoG3 : Model Evaluation Eric Guilyardi, Björn Brötz, Kim Serradell

- BoG4 : Preparing Sustainability Bryan Lawrence, Martin Lautenschlager

- BoG5: Technical meetings Philip Kershaw


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IS-ENES3 has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 824084