List of public reports associated with milestones.

M1.1 - IS-ENES3 Kick-off meetingFile
M1.3 - IS-ENES3 Virtual First General AssemblyFile
M1.4 - IS-ENES3 Virtual Second General AssemblyFile
M1.5 - IS-ENES3 Final General AssemblyFile
M2.1 - New Advice Structures ActiveFile
M2.2 - Innovation PlanFile
M2.3 - Sustainability Scoping ReportFile
M2.4 - The adapted process to build the ENES Foresight Infrastructure StrategyFile
M3.1 - Report on user requirementsFile
M3.2 - Evaluation of the IS-ENES3 online Autumn School ‘Climate data use for impact assessments’File
M3.3 - Evaluation of the first short trainings and webinarsFile
M3.4 - Summary of workshops on standardsFile
M3.5 - Workshop on climate indices - Eastern Europe perspectiveFile
M4.1 - Development strategy workshop for European Platform for Sea Ice modellingFile
M4.2 - New Technical Opportunities workshop in ML and AIFile
M4.3 - 7th ENES HPC workshop reportFile
M5.1 - Draft Architecture DesignFile
M5.2 - ESGF CMIP6 SummaryFile
M5.3 - Requirements for technical standards for diagnostic toolsFile
M5.4 - Compute service roadmapFile
M6.1 - ENES ESM resources updatedFile
M6.2 - Reviewer for services appointedFile
M6.3 - ENES ESM resources updated, RP2File
M6.4 - ENES ESM resources updated, RP3File
M7.1 - ENES CDI help deskFile
M7.2 - Set up of review committee and user selection panelFile
M7.3 - Improved version of evaluation portalFile
M7.4 - Complete ENES-CDI long term archival for CMIP6File
M8.1 - A set of unit tests for XIOSFile
M8.2 - Cylc/Rose development priorities agreedFile
M8.3 - Final list of developments for OASIS3-MCT_5.0File
M8.4 - Definition of NEMO optimization strategyFile
M8.5 - Documentation of the NEMO Sea ice ModelFile
M9.1 - Release of enhanced ESMValTool documentation for VA1 ActivityFile
M9.2 - Release of enhanced ESMValTool version for WP7/VA2 activityFile
M10.1 - Technical requirements on the software stackFile
M10.2 - CMIP Data Request Schema 2.0File
M10.3 - Climate indicators/indicesand file metadata specifications and toolsFile
M10.4 - Climate indices and file metadata specifications and tools - Update of M10.3File