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Here is a collection of all the IS-ENES3 Workshops, and IS-ENES3-related presentations and posters at various conferences.

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0IS-ENES3 Workshops
10EOSC-Hub Week 2020
11e-Science International Conference 2019
12e-Science International Conference 2021
13EGI Conference

IS-ENES3 Workshops

IS-ENES3 Kick-off meeting (January 2019)Internal Link
IS-ENES3 Virtual 1st General Assembly (March 2021)Internal Link
IS-ENES3 2nd General Assembly (October 2021)Internal Link
IS-ENES3 Final General Assembly (January 2023)Internal Link
IS-ENES3 Virtual workshop on Compute and Analytics (Dec. 2019)Internal Link
IS-ENES3 Webinar on Access to CORDEX and CMIP6 climate data (June 2020)Internal Link
First IS-ENES3 virtual Autumn School on Climate data use for impact assessmentsInternal Link
IS-ENES3 Workshop: Climate indices - an Eastern European perspectiveInternal Link
Fifth Workshop on Coupling Technologies for Earth System Models (CW2020)ENES Portal Link
Sixth Workshop on Coupling Technologies for Earth System Models (CW2023)ENES Portal Link
Joint IS-ENES3/ESiWACE2 Virtual Workshop on New Opportunities for ML and AI in Weather and Climate Modelling (March 2021)ENES Portal Link
IS-ENES3 virtual workshop on requirements for a fast and scalable evaluation workflow (18-19 May 2021)Internal Link
IS-ENES3 Central&Eastern Europe Autumn School: From Climate Projections to Climate impacts via Regional Downscaling (28 Nov-2 Dec 2022)Internal Link
7th ENES HPC Workshop (May 2022)ENES Portal Link
IS-ENES3 Webinar: Code coupling: general concepts and latest news of the OASIS3-MCT coupler (May 2022)Internal Link
Introduction to ESMValTool: a tool for evaluation of climate model data - Webinar (June 2022)Internal Link
IS-ENES3 Webinar for the EU Outermost territories: Introduction to the IS-ENES3 climate data services (Oct. 2022)Internal Link
IS-ENES3 Webinar on the Climate4Impact portal and icclim (April 2023)Internal Link
IS-ENES3 Webinar: Introduction to the Sea Ice modelling Integrated Initiative (May 2023)Internal Link


Climate Data Analysis: Enhancing Usage of Research Data with Climate4impact, EUDAT and DAREZenodo Link


Cloud futures for CMIP data – Evaluating object storage models and re-evaluating federation for data distributionZenodo Link
ESMValCore and ESMValTool : analyzing CMIP data made easyPDF File


Access to Analysis and Climate Indices Tools for Climate Researchers and End UsersZenodo Link
Evaluation of CMIP6 and quantifying progress of climate models across different CMIP phases with the ESMValToolPDF File
Developing Community standards-based Search Tools for Earth System Model Data using STACZenodo Link


Title | Type :—-:|:—-: Climate Data Analysis Tools Along With Pre-Computed Climate Indices Datasets to Support Climate Action - C. Pagé | Zenodo Link


Climate4impact: Enhance usage of research data and support researchers with climate analysisZenodo Link
IS‐ENES impacts on the path towards the infrastructure sustainabilityZenodo Link


A Python-oriented environment for climate experiments at scale in the frame of the European Open Science CloudZenodo Link
Evolution and Future Architecture for the Earth System Grid Federation (ESGF)Zenodo Link
Boosting climate change research with direct access to high performance computingZenodo Link
Integrating e-infrastructures for remote climate data processingZenodo Link
Advances in Collaborative Documentation Support for CMIP6Zenodo Link
Refactoring the memory access pattern to improve computational performance in NEMOZenodo Link
Climate Index Metadata and its ImplementationZenodo Link
Broadening access to supercomputers for CMIP6 and CORDEX multimodel comparisonsZenodo Link


From climate models to informing policy decisions: the end-to-end importance of an effective research infrastructureZenodo Link
Making Cyclone Tracking accessible to end users for Climate Research and ApplicationsZenodo Link
Skip high-volume data transfer and access free computing resources for your CMIP6 multi-model analysesZenodo Link
New scientific diagnostics in the ESMValTool an overviewPDF File
Recent developments on the Earth System Model Evaluation ToolPDF File
Model evaluation expectations of European ESM communities: first results from a surveyPDF File


Better Tailoring of Climate Information for End Users using Targeted Interfaces and ToolsZenodo Link
Storage growth mitigation through data analysis ready climate datasets using HDF5 Virtual DatasetPDF File
ENES Data Space: an open, cloud-enabled data science environment for climate analysisZenodo Link
CPMIP: Computational evaluation of the new era of complex Earth System Models. Multi-model results from CMIP6 and challenges for the exascale computingPDF File
Emergence of a sub-ice platelet layer in mushy-layer sea ice model simulationsPDF File
Drivers of Antarctic sea-ice advance datePDF File


Experiences with virtual schools on “Climate data for impact assessments”PDF File

EOSC HubWeek 2020

ECAS: a data science environment for climate change in the EGI federated infrastructureZenodo Link

e-Science International Conference 2019

Ease Access to Climate Simulations for Researchers: IS-ENES climate4impactZenodo Link
Enabling Transparent Access to Heterogeneous Architectures for IS-ENES climate4impact using the DARE PlatformZenodo Link

e-Science International Conference 2021

Climate modelling: computing and data challenges - S. JoussaumeZenodo Link

EGI Conference

2020 - ENES climate data infrastructure - S. KindermannZenodo Link
2021 - Climate modelling: computing and data challenges - S. JoussaumeZenodo Link
2022 - Bridging Cloud and HPC towards High Performance Data Analytics for climate science - D. Elia et al.PDF File
2022 - Processing large datasets using EGI-ACE EOSC resources for the climate community - C. PagéZenodo link


IPCC WG1 Training on Data and Software Development - June 2019Zenodo Link
Scientific Gateways 2019Zenodo Link
Scientific Gateways 2021PDF File
Scientific Gateways 2022 - Making Climate Data Actionable: Pre-Computed Climate Indices Provided in an Interactive Platform, C. PagéZenodo Link
Scientific Gateways 2022 - Bridging Cloud and HPC towards High Performance Data Analytics for climate science, D. EliaExternal Link
Climate Science2Policy 2020Zenodo Link
Research Data Alliance (RDA) Plenary Meeting 2020Zenodo Link
C3S WorkshopsZenodo Link
EOSC Symposium 2021PDF File
EOSC Symposium 2022 - Building a Climate indices dataset for climate change impacts assessment, C. PagéZenodo
EOSC User Day 2022 - Building actionable climate products for end users using EGI-ACE resources, C. Pagé, A.AounZenodo Link
SciDataCon 2022 - Challenges in the road toward better FAIR support in downstream climate products, C. PagéZenodo Link ConferenceZenodo Link
WGCM-24Zenodo Link
EuroHPC Summit week - Modelling Climate Change, S. Joussaume (March 2022)Zenodo Link
AMS 2022 - icclim: Calculating Climate Indices and Indicators Made Easy, C. PagéZenodo Link
AMS 2023 - Climate Data Analysis Tools and Datasets to Support Climate Action, C. PagéZenodo Link
ICES Foundation Biennal Workshop VI - Panel on HPC, Digital twins, evolution of climate models & new meteo codes, S. JoussaumeExternal Link
Perspectives on the Future of Climate Modelling, B. Lawrence - Balajifest 2023PDF File