How to Access Metadata?

Earth System Model Documentation

The ES-DOC project supports an eco-system of tools and services in support of Earth System documentation creation, analysis, and dissemination of all relevant aspects of climate modelling: experiments, simulations, model, conformance to protocols, etc, following the Common Information Model (CIM) for metadata tools. ES-DOC has developed tools and interfaces to gather the relevant information either automatically from published data or from modelling group (see for example CMIP6 process) and to display the information. Find here the contact and As part of the ES-DOC ecosystem, the Errata Service centralizes timely information about known issues of ESGF data.

Climate and Forecast conventions (CF)

Metadata conventions to promote the processing and sharing of NetCDF files. The conventions regulate the coordinates description, the meaning of the grid cells, the data provenance, … to favor self-describing data, without external tables needed for interpretation. Find here the Guidelines for contributors to the CF conventions and FAQs. For questions and discussions, please open an issue in the repository.

CMIP6 Data Request (DR)

A request from the CMIP panels to the modelling groups for data to be contributed to the archive, specifying the variables which are needed for each experiment. Find here the Python package, the Web View of Data Request Contents, and