Long-term Archive

IPCC Data Distribution Centre

The IPCC Data Distribution Centre (IPCC-DDC) provides

  • Data used as input to the Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth IPCC Assessment Report
  • Socio-economic data and scenarios for the impact community: population, economic development, technology, and natural resources
  • Visualization service

Find more about the IPCC-DDC here.


The World Data Center for Climate (WDCC) is hosted at DKRZ in Germany and provides curated data for storage periods longer then 10 years. Both data and metadata undergo meticulous technical quality checks and data publication service grants permanent accessibility by assigning unique persistent identifier DOI to data and metadata.

The WDCC hosts CMIP5 data collections as part of the IPCC DDC and additional CMIP3, CMIP5 data collections. CMIP6 collections are currently being archived. Please go here to find and access the data.

CMIP data collections hosted as part of the WDCC are also searchable and accessible via the various external search (e.g. GISC, EUDAT and ESGF. The ESGF integration is accomplished via a dedicated data node interfacing the long term storage backend.

The Copernicus Climate Data Store (CDS)

Specific quality controlled CMIP and CORDEX data collections are stored separately at DKRZ and IPSL and exposed to the CDS. Register for free to obtain access to the CDS and its Toolbox.