Some of our past training and schools are recorded on our YouTube (YT) !

You can also find all those resources in the “Dissemination” section (Presentations - Lectures/Tutorials/Webinars)



IS-ENES3 Webinar on SI3 (11 May 2023) (YT)

IS-ENES3 Webinar on the Climate4Impact Portal and icclim (13 April 2023)

IS-ENES3 Webinar: Introduction to the Cylc engine workflow (16 March 2023) (YT)

Winter trainings on the C4I Portal and icclim at Universities in the Netherlands (7 February 2023)

IS-ENES3 Central & Eastern Europe Autumn Schools “From Climate Projections to Climate impacts via Regional Downscaling” (28 Nov-2 Dec 2022)

IS-ENES3 Webinar for the EU Outermost territories: Introduction to the IS-ENES3 climate data services (12 Oct 2022)

CF conventions virtual training (08 Sep 2022)

IS-ENES3 Data Science Summer School (01-07 Sep 2022) (YT)

Introduction to ESMValTool: a tool for evaluation of climate model data - Webinar and Online Workshop (13th and 27 June 2022) (YT)

IS-ENES3 Eastern Europe Spring Schools on Climate data and Impact assessments (17-19 May 2022)

IS-ENES3 Webinar: Code coupling: general concepts and latest news of the OASIS3-MCT coupler (05 May 2022) (YT)

IS-ENES3 Virtual clinic on bias-adjustment of climate model data (14-21 Oct 2021)(YT)

XIOS training sessions (15 Mar 2021 - 16 Apr 2021)

Online Training on Data Analytics: How to skip high-volume data transfer and access free computing resources for your CMIP analyses (08-09 Mar 2021)(YT)

Second and Third IS-ENES3 virtual Autumn School on Climate data use for impact assessments (03 Mar 2021 - 14 June 2021)

First IS-ENES3 virtual Autumn School on Climate data use for impact assessments (04 Nov 2020 - 10 Dec 2020) (YT)

1st Webinar of the demonstration of the Climate4Impact portal (16 Sep 2019)

EMS 2019: Second demonstration session of the Climate4Impact portal (12 Sep 2019)

EGU 2019: First demonstration session Climate4Impact portal for the IS-ENES3 project (09 Apr 2019)