WP7 (VA2): Data standards, distribution and processing services

WP7/VA2 will provide access to the new CMIP6 data as via the ESGF European data nodes. The infrastructure will continue to provide access to the whole ESGF database, including previous CMIP5 and CORDEX data but also observations under the Obs4MIPs project and reanalyzes under the Ana4MIPs project. Basic functions will support discovery, download, documentation, and support services to users. The climate4impact platform will provide an easier access to a subset of ESGF data, including advanced services on visualization, computation of indices and downscaling needed by the wider community working on climate impacts.

For the first time, four European ESGF large data nodes will include pre-assigned processing services, providing access to a specific set of emerging data analytics capabilities as well as routinely processed model evaluation results through virtual access. A trans-national access (TNA) service will also be offered under a selection procedure to support various flexible data processing and analytics on virtual workspaces. The wider user community will continue to benefit from IS-ENES3 documentation services for scientific provenance of model data (VA).

These activities will be complemented by statistic on utilization, improved documentation and bespoke responses to user enquirers. To promote efficiency and interoperability of the data products a service on data standards will also be offered, providing the tools to support implementation of standards and services to translate community requirements into data specifications.